The action will be implemented through the following stages and work packages:


Project Management

The project management will be conducted at three levels: administration, economics, and management.


Reassessment of the Target Group's needs taking into consideration the requirements of the Responsible Authority

This stage will be completed through the following three actions:

  • Review and upgrade/update of various design and guide development practices.
  • Non-formal needs assessment of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) and consultation with experts.
  • Previous experience and knowhow of consortium partners.


Upgrade and Update of Content

The content update of the Information Guide will be based on the thematic units dedicated by the Contracting Authority. The information guide will be upgraded based on the extent experience gained by the partners from the development of the Information Guide in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015, as well as from their involvement in other similar projects of European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior This stage involves collection of possible new data through online research and literature review and informal meetings with experts, agencies, organizations and individuals from the target group (TCNs).


Illustration Design and Digital Development of the Information Guide

After studying recent good practices and methods of graphic communication, the illustration design team of the project will review the original design of the Guide and revise it accordingly.


Translation, printing and delivery of the Information Guide

The last development stage of the Information Guide will be its translation in 6 languages (English, Russian, Sri Lankans (Sinhala and Tamil), Arabic and Filipino) by professional translators specialized on the Information Guide content.


Target group and general public information

The consortium partners will constantly inform the Target Group and the general public on the services provided, the actions and availability of the Guide through leaflets distribution, newspaper ads in local newspapers, the dedicated website for the Action, online announcements and the development of a mobile application.


Action Quality Control

Throughout the duration of the Action, the Project Scientific Team will conduct internal evaluation and improvement actions in order to ensure the quality of the Guide.

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