The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Extensive research for updating and upgrading of data and practices related to the content of the Guide.
  • Upgrade and update of the design and content of the guide.
  • Upgrade of the graphic design using good graphical communication practices.
  • Upgrade of the updated guide in electronic form.
  • Update and translation of the Information Guide in 6 languages (English, Russian, Sri Lankans (Sinhala and Tamil), Arabic and Filipino) by professional translators specialized on the Information Guide content.
  • Update and upgrade of the online platform (website).
  • Mobile app development.
  • Printing of the Information Guide.
  • Distribution of new copies of the upgraded Guide to the proposed services and authorities proposed by the Contracting Authority: Civil Registry and Migration Services, Aliens and Immigration Unit, Non-Governmental Organisations, Governmental Departments and Services interacting with TCNs and various Local Authorities (municipalities, community councils).
  • Dissemination (press releases and announcements, project website, mobile app leaflets).
  • Inform the Target Group on issues related to the Cyprus local community.
  • Facilitate the integration of TCNs in the local community.

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